The BeatMobile: A Mobile DJ Cart


Designers: Allison Finley, Drew Masters, Inka Johnson, Radu Darie

Client Coordinator: Ashley Thomas, Bridge II Sports

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry Bohs

Figure 1. The BeatMobile.


The client is young man with a budding DJ business. Because he has Morquio syndrome, he uses a wheelchair and needs substantial assistance to transport and […]

Custom Tape Applicator


Designers: Jon Liu, Shweta Mani, Kevin O’Connor, Daniel Piao

Client Coordinator: John Wiltshire

Figure 1. Custom Tape Applicator: 1. Frame, 2. Tape Spool, 3. Backing Spool, 4. Pressure Applicator, 5. Cutting Mechanism, 6. Base, 7. Trough.


Many employees at OE Enterprises have physical and mental disabilities that make certain jobs difficult. […]

Spin n’ Grin

Designers: Morganne Gagne, Jayson Garmizo, Gautam Meka, Lydia Ran Client Coordinator: Robbin Newton Supervising Professor: Dr. Laurence Bohs

Figure 1. Spin n’ Grin.


The client is a young boy with sensory defensiveness, exhibiting strong negative reactions to external stimuli such as touch, sound, and taste. The best methods to calm him are […]

DOLPHIN (Dynamic Overall Lifestyle Performance Helper Instrument)


Designers: Eason Abbott, Cooper Eben, Kyle Langdell, Zack Silber

Client Coordinator: Nancy Hoopingarner

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs

Figure 1. DOLPHIN.


The client is an 11-year-old girl with osteogenesis imperfecta, which limits her range of motion and makes independence difficult. The DOLPHIN allows her to easily access a variety of educational instruments […]

The Buzzer Beater


Designers: Jordan Cirocco, Halsey Friedel, Sharmila Yadav Palani, Arlens Zeqollari

Client Coordinators: Jane Davis, teacher, and Victoria Guthrie, PT

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs

Figure 1. The Buzzer Beater


Our client is a young boy with a mitochondrial disease that limits his motor control and dexterity, preventing him from independently performing essential […]

Chef’s Choice

Designers: Andrew Yuan, Ishi Singh, Fred Shen, Timothy Yang

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs

Client Coordinator: Debbie Thorpe, PT

Figure 1. Chef’s Choice, clockwise from top left: Cutting Board, Pot Stabilizer,Jar Opener, Can Catcher and Microwaveable Container Handle.


Our client has hemiplegia, which limits her ability to do several kitchen tasks. The goal […]

Wheelchair Dog Walker


Designers: Alicia Li, Victoria Li, Adam Nolte, Jessica Ordax

Client Coordinator: Nancy Curtis

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs

Figure 1. Wheelchair Dog Walker.


People who use wheelchairs often have trouble walking their dogs. The goal of this project was to create an easily removable wheelchair attachment to facilitate dog walking. In particular, […]

Oven-to-Counter Cart

Designers: Timothy Yang, Fred Shen, Ishi Singh, Andrew Yuan Client Coordinator: Debbie Thorpe, PT Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs


Figure 1. Oven-to-Counter Cart.

INTRODUCTION Moving heavy dishes from the oven to counter is difficult for our client, who has hemiplegia. The Oven-to-Counter Cart combines a scissors-based structure with a commercial car jack and […]