Wheelchair Leafblower

Designers: Anirudh Subramanian, Jeffery Gamble, Avtar Varma, Hudson Duan, Matt Davis

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs



Our client, a woman who uses a manual wheelchair, wanted to remove leaves that fall in her hard. A previous student design used a battery powered blower, which did not provide adequate power or duration. The Wheelchair Leafblower […]

Rockstar Guitar Stand

Designers: Rachel Belzer, Kristine Brown, Brendan Moore, Al Samost

Client Coordinator: Nancy Curtis

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs



Our client is an adult male who loves music and playing his guitar; however, due to his cerebral palsy, he cannot hold the guitar and play it at the same time. The Rockstar Guitar Stand provides […]

Drum Roll, Please : A Customized Drum Kit

Designers: Dilip Nagarkar, Swetha Sundar, Chao Yin, Critina Wong-Nomura

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry Bohs



Our client is a 12-year old boy with TAR syndrome, which causes him to have short arms with limited strength and reach. The goal of this project was to modify a drum kit so he could play comfortably. Modifications […]