Literacy Tent

Designers: Russell Blaise and Marie Schroeder Client Coordinators: Luanne Holland and Joanna Clark, Durham County Schools Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Research has indicated that inclusion is an effective method to educate children with disabilities. The Literacy Tent provides a literature-based, inclusive environment for use in the Durham County Schools. The tent includes a […]

Stationary Tricycle

Designers: Louise Oliver and John Alexander

Client Coordinators: Susan Parker, PT, Durham County Schools

Supervising Professors: Richard Goldberg and Kevin Caves

The use of pedaling as a therapeutic exercise is beneficial for children with a variety of disabilities because it develops better muscle tone, as well as left and right coordination. The goal of this […]

Morse Code Trainer

Designers: Ann Hundley and Stephen Wu

Client Coordinators: Juli Trautman, SLP, CCC, Duke University Medical Center

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves and Richard Goldberg

To people with limited mobility, Morse code is an attractive alternative for computer access because it involves only two keys, dash and dot, as opposed to the more complex traditional keyboard. We […]

Play Station

Designers: Lauren J. Matic and David J. Rodrian Client Coordinators: Michelle Hoffman, Durham County Schools Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

The goal of this project was to provide an adjustable height play station with sensory activities to allow children with and without disabilities at Parkwood Elementary School to interact, learn academic concepts, and develop […]

Lifting Assist for a Powered Wheelchair

Designers: Paul A. Lisi and Andrew D. Steinberg Client Coordinators: Nancy Curtis Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Our client is a seventeen-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. She cannot get into her motorized wheelchair comfortably without the assistance of others. The goal of this project was to build a device to allow her to ascend […]

Envelope Inserting Aids

Designers: Shin Y. Ong and Shin R. Ong Client Coordinators: Judy Stroupe, Orange Enterprises Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Four devices have been developed to help workers with disabilities insert documents into envelopes of different dimensions. Each device holds an envelope in a document receiving position and aligns paper prior to insertion. Envelope insertion […]

Toddler Crawling Positioner

Designers: Kerry Marder and Emily Kloeblen Client Coordinators: Susan Attermeier, Physical Therapist Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Our client was a 2 year-old girl with athetoid cerebral palsy. To build head and neck strength, her parents and therapist wanted a device that would support her in a prone position, which she could tolerate, and […]

Kitchen Helpers

Designers: Huikai Luu and Vivian Yeoh Client Coordinators: Robbin Newton, Lenox Baker Hospital Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A set of devices has been developed to aid our client, a 13-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, in common kitchen tasks. These devices provide support for mixing foods, spreading condiments, opening jars and soda cans, and […]

Dancer Assist

Designers: Devin Slesicki and Thomas Wang

Supervising Professor: Richard Goldberg and Kevin Caves

Our client is a professional dancer who has Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). She wanted a device to lessen the weight on her legs while onstage. The Dancer Assist consists of a lightweight mobile frame with a harness attached via a spring suspension. This […]

Custom Canes and Brackets

Designers: Lindsay Boole and Hudson Levy Client Coordinators: Christina Lomax Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Our client is an active woman with osteoarthritis. The goal of this project was to provide her forearm canes with shock absorption, and to develop brackets to mount the canes to her powered scooter. Shock absorber tips from commercial […]