Remote Controlled, Talking Spinner

Designers: Steven Gebhart, Jennifer Meuchel

Client Coordinators: Sue Porr, Pinehurst Elementary School

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Commercial audio spinner devices provide only a one-to-one means of communication through a small display board. An analogous device with a large board was designed for use in a classroom of non-verbal and visually impaired students. The […]

Portable Stimulation and Assessment Tool

Designers: Kit Yee Au-Yeung, Daniel T. McCormick Client Coordinators: Mary Caldwell Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A portable sensory stimulation and assessment device was designed to aid therapists in evaluation of patients recovering from head injury and coma. Currently available devices are all very large or separately stimulating devices, often occupying an entire room. […]

Hammered Bass

Designers: Cory Weiner, Lindsay Johnson Client Coordinators: Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

The Hammered Bass (HB) is an electronic instrument designed for the client, who was a professional electric bass player before an accident left him paralyzed. Since he can no longer play the bass, a custom instrument was designed to be played with […]

Adapted Bumbleballs for Play Therapy

Designers: Thomas Pawlowski, Sam Cho Client Coordinators: Lenore Champion Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Children with brain disorders caused by disease or head trauma often have limited motor skills. Playing with objects that stimulate the senses helps facilitate their recovery and enables them to learn cause and effect ideas. The objective of this project […]

Assistive Communication Device

Designers: Daniel McCormick Client Coordinators: Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A supplementary communication device was designed for the client, a 6-year old boy who has limited control over his body from the neck down and cannot use speech to communicate with others. Currently he uses a Dyna-Vox to communicate but it does not provide […]