Submersible Wheelchair

Designers: Jennifer Peters and Julianne Hartzell Client Coordinators: Beth Hildebrand and Cherie Rosemond, Carol Woods Retirement Community Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A wheelchair has been designed and constructed to enable therapists to transport patients into and out of the pool at Carol Woods Retirement Community in Chapel Hill, NC. This device is an […]

Sensory Stimulation Center

Designers: Elaine Hsieh, Wesley Joe, and Anna Fernandez Client Coordinators: Mary Caldwell and Lenore Champion, Duke Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation Center Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A Sensory Stimulation Activity Center (SSAC) was developed for use at the Duke Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation Center. The SSAC is used to aid in the treatment of children under […]

Automatic Feeder and Transfer Apparatus

Designers: Atif Haque and Kulbir Walha Client Coordinators: Robbin Newton and Tonya Hamm Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

An electric feeder was modified and a wheelchair-to-bed transfer apparatus was developed for the client, a young man with cerebral palsy, to increase his independence in everyday activities. A damaged Winsford feeder (Klemco Engineering, Plumsteadville, PA), […]

Child Friendly Timer

Designers: Sean Breit, Stephanie Liu, and Srinivasan Yegnasubramanian Client Coordinators: Lenora Champion Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

An electronic timer was constructed for use in pediatric therapy sessions. Presently, for timed sessions, a therapist sets an electronic kitchen timer that beeps when time is finished. However, most young children do not have a clear […]

Computer Games for Learning Joystick Control

Designers: Pinata Hungspreugs and Becky Poon

Client Coordinators: Robbin Newton

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Two joystick controlled computer games, “Catch the Butterfly” and “Bump & Go”, have been developed to train children to use powered wheelchairs. Compared to other wheelchair trainers currently available, these games are more fun to play and also provide […]