DECI Box Builders

Developers: Lindsay Hulley and Yasiel Trujillo

Advisors: Tara Moore

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

Abstract Mary is an adult female with mild intellectual disabilities, and Mark is an adult male with multiple physical and cognitive impairments. Both Mary and Mark are employees at DECI, a non-profit vocational rehabilitation program, where they currently do simple jobs […]

One Thing Straight: A Posture Monitoring and Alert System

Developers: Alexandra Kanaris, Katherine Lee, and Zoë Roecker

Advisors: Darcy Cooper, PT

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves



Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease that affects more than ten million people worldwide [1]. One prevalent symptom of PD is the loss of postural awareness and tendency to slouch forward. Our client was looking […]

Wax On, Wax Off: An Assistive Dispensing Device for Workers with Cognitive Limitations

Developers: Matt Udelhofen, Yasha Saxena, Yash Bhatnagar

Advisors: Tara Moore

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


This report covers the development of an assistive, automated wax dispensing device for a vocational rehabilitation center, Durham Exchange Club Industries (DECI). Workers at DECI are tasked with weighing out and packaging exactly 10.08 or 1.02 lbs of candle […]

Candle Lighters: Maximizing Workflow of Assembly of Candle-Making Kits

Designers: Tamma Ketsiri, Feimei Liu, Kay Palopoli

Advisors: Tara Moore, Scott Ruble

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves, Chelsea Salinas



Our clients, Sam and Clare, have cognitive disabilities that weaken their judgment skills. They began working at Durham Exchange Club Industries (DECI) in the hopes of overcoming vocational barriers in the local community. Their employment […]

Rainbows at Orange Enterprises: Building a Color Blindness Test Kit

Designers:Janet Saldana and Josh Wu

Advisor: Lauren Spencer, Denise Moody, DeeDee French

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Orange Enterprises services people in the community with disabilities by giving them jobs and the opportunity to earn money. One of the more difficult jobs currently involves making color blindness test kits. The high levels of judgement and […]

Hanging with DECI

Designers: Caitlin Koehler, Rhianna Lee, Courtney White

Advisor: Mark Pennington, Julie

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

Abstract: DECI is a Community Rehabilitation Program located in Durham, NC that employs people with a variety of disabilities. Our team has been working with DECI throughout the semester and has been modifying two of their work tasks in […]

Custom Standing Aid Device

Designers: Garrett Kelly, Kimanthi Gicovi, Abdel Abada

Client Coordinator: Dr. Deborah Thorpe

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs


Figure 1. Custom Standing Aid Device


Our client, a taxidermist with cerebral palsy, spends many hours standing upright at a defleshing machine, which causes him discomfort and soreness. The goal of this project is to […]


Designers: Gaurav Bhat, Neeraja Nagarajan, Tara Porter, Pranali Tambe

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs


Figure 1. Osteovibe attached to a chair


Our client, who has spina bifida and osteoporosis, has difficulty performing weight-bearing exercises because she uses a wheelchair. The goal of this project was to develop a device that will improve […]

Cuts to a T

Designers: Ben Krebs, Gavin Ovsak, Christine Schindler, Broderick Turner

Client Coordinator: Tracey Craven

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs


Figure 1. Cuts to a T Device


Manufacturing devices often are designed with the unintended side effect of being unsafe or impossible for a person with disabilities to use. OE Enterprises simplifies complicated manufacturing […]

The BeatMobile: A Mobile DJ Cart


Designers: Allison Finley, Drew Masters, Inka Johnson, Radu Darie

Client Coordinator: Ashley Thomas, Bridge II Sports

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry Bohs

Figure 1. The BeatMobile.


The client is young man with a budding DJ business. Because he has Morquio syndrome, he uses a wheelchair and needs substantial assistance to transport and […]