The Sensory Studio: Facilitated art engagement for children with cerebral palsy

Developers: Amy Cheng and Alex Guevara

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Children with disabilities are often unable to participate in classroom art activities due to the barriers that typical classroom equipment pose. This project was intended to facilitate art engagement in a pre-kindergarten classroom in downtown Durham. The final device is a fully adjustable and […]

Engaging Easley

Developers: Monique Goldsmith & Prakash Sundar

Advisors: Deanna St. John

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

IntroductionAbstract Abstract In today’s world with all the current technology device are often used as teaching aids. Our clients are students in a multi-handicap classroom who need an academic device that is tailored to their disability needs. We sought […]

School Supports

Developers: Sameer Pandhare, Emily Shannon, Alice Silberstein

Advisors: Edie Kahn, OTR, Whitney Mallallieu, PT, Kathy Davis, SLP, Josie Ghigliotty, VS, Pam Morgan, Teacher

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Abstract For children with disabilities, teaching and therapy sessions require flexibility in presenting materials, the ability to switch between tasks easily, and room to store […]

Timing and Alert System for Students with Autism

Developers: Elizabeth Yonko, Drew Levy, Karolina DiStasi

Advisors: Julie Morin and Nina Zornes

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

Abstract Our client is a high school student with autism spectrum disorder, which affects his ability to communicate verbally with his teacher and his perception of timing and routines. While he has access to assistive communication devices […]

The Fun Cane

Designers: Ben Hoover, Aishu Nag, Michelle Wang, David Williams

Advisors: Brandi McDaniel, Quashanna Glass

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves, Chelsea Salinas


Infants learn more about the world by exploring their surroundings on their own. Young children with visual impairments use mobility devices such as pre-canes to independently navigate their environment, and when they are […]

Rock and Recorder

Designers: Lorraine Campos, Kaustav Shah, Nishkala Shivakumar

Advisor: Amanda Hall, OT

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Learning how to play the recorder in music class is an expected part in elementary school curricula. However, our client, Nicole, has a rare genetic condition known as Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SEDC). Common manifestations of the condition are seen […]

The Buzzer Beater


Designers: Jordan Cirocco, Halsey Friedel, Sharmila Yadav Palani, Arlens Zeqollari

Client Coordinators: Jane Davis, teacher, and Victoria Guthrie, PT

Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs

Figure 1. The Buzzer Beater


Our client is a young boy with a mitochondrial disease that limits his motor control and dexterity, preventing him from independently performing essential […]

Ball Tossing Device

Designers: Devin Rojas, Eric Wang, Sophia Ziemien

Client Coordinators: Trudy Maness, teacher, and Victoria Guthrie, PT

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves and Richard Goldberg


Project in Action


Figure 1: The Ball Toss device.


Our clients are students in an elementary school classroom with a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities. The […]

Remote Controlled, Talking Spinner

Designers: Steven Gebhart, Jennifer Meuchel

Client Coordinators: Sue Porr, Pinehurst Elementary School

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

Commercial audio spinner devices provide only a one-to-one means of communication through a small display board. An analogous device with a large board was designed for use in a classroom of non-verbal and visually impaired students. The […]

Assistive Communication Device

Designers: Daniel McCormick Client Coordinators: Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A supplementary communication device was designed for the client, a 6-year old boy who has limited control over his body from the neck down and cannot use speech to communicate with others. Currently he uses a Dyna-Vox to communicate but it does not provide […]