O2.0: Improving User Experience with Home Oxygen Therapy

Developers: Marisha Madhira and Nick Sieja

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


The use of In-Home Oxygen Therapy has revolutionized treatment options for patients with diseases like COPD and Emphysema. The use of an Oxygen Concentrator to provide supplemental oxygen improves quality of life for patients, but the convenience of this method is limited by the […]

Hang 10: a prosthetic adaptation for shoulder disarticulation

Developers: Lucas Hoffmann, Juan Velasquez

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves



Each year, approximately 185,000 Americans undergo amputation of a limb [1]. Our client is part of that group of people as she has had a complete amputation of her right arm. As a result of the surgery, her right side is approximately […]

Submersible Wheelchair

Designers: Jennifer Peters and Julianne Hartzell Client Coordinators: Beth Hildebrand and Cherie Rosemond, Carol Woods Retirement Community Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

A wheelchair has been designed and constructed to enable therapists to transport patients into and out of the pool at Carol Woods Retirement Community in Chapel Hill, NC. This device is an […]

Artist’s Easel with Arm Stabilizing Devices

Designers: Chiu-Yu Chen and Fran Lebajo

Client Coordinators: Caroline Warren

Supervising Professor: Dr. Larry N. Bohs

People with ataxia often have trouble performing certain tasks independently. In our case, the client desired to draw and paint without assistance in controlling her tremors. An easel was designed with various features to help her accomplish this. The […]

Morse Code Trainer

Designers: Ann Hundley and Stephen Wu

Client Coordinators: Juli Trautman, SLP, CCC, Duke University Medical Center

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves and Richard Goldberg

To people with limited mobility, Morse code is an attractive alternative for computer access because it involves only two keys, dash and dot, as opposed to the more complex traditional keyboard. We […]

Convertible Tri-Cane

Designers: Amanda Fuller, Yubo Gong, Toby Kraus Client Coordinator: : Allison Darwin, OT Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves

INTRODUCTION Our client is a 95 year-old man with a fused left knee and slight dementia. He enjoys walking outside, but tires easily and sometimes needs additional support, especially when walking on unfamiliar terrain. The Convertible Tri-Cane is […]

Multi-Function Work Table

Designers: Jeff Barry, Joseph Kuo, Peter Zolides Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves, Richard Goldberg

INTRODUCTION Our client has a slow moving form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which results in weakness in his upper arms and legs. As such, he spends much of his time in a wheelchair. He likes to read and work on crossword puzzles […]

Flight Simulation Station

Designers: Alexa Issa, Neha Krishnamohan, and Swara Paranjape

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves and Richard Goldberg

INTRODUCTION Our client is an active retiree with a slow progressing form of Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He worked in the aerospace industry, and now enjoys playing flight simulator computer games. He uses a wheelchair for mobility and has limited […]

Supportive Golf Chair

Client Coordinators: Dr. Dan Johnson, UNC-Wilmington and Ashley Thomas, Bridge 2 Sports Designers: Jeremy Zhang, Ben Russell, Eric Lee Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves and Richard Goldberg

INTRODUCTION Persons with spinal cord injury and other disabilities cannot play golf without the aid of a supporting device. Commercial “single rider carts” are available, which provide support to […]

Wheelchair Shopping Aid

Designers: Geoffrey Yih, Madison Li and Jason Kim Supervising Professor: Larry Bohs

INTRODUCTION Individuals in manual wheelchairs often have trouble grocery shopping because they find it difficult to move a shopping cart while wheeling their chairs. The goal of this project was to develop an easily attachable shopping aid that provides a stable location for […]