“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all” 

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Sorry, Thumper, but we’re not in Kansas anymore. Or wherever Bambi was filmed. The ugly truth is that if you can’t say something nice about the situation at hand then you should speak up. 

I like to draw people in with humor. If I can make you laugh or garner even an ounce of your attention, you’ll be likely to want to hear what I have to say. Growing up in the northeast, I am lucky to have never been afraid to speak my mind, and on campus, I am attracted to the opportunities in which my voice alone can make tangible differences. As a resident assistant on the first-year campus, I had the chance to be the upperclassman that I needed when I was a freshman and discover my passion for advising students. As I approach the end of my third year, I find myself brimming with enthusiasm for student involvement, leadership development, and helping groups exceed- naturally, Duke Launch is my creative outlet.

Headshot UCAEOutside the Center for Leadership Development and Social Action, you can probably find me trying to convince someone to do something-especially if it’s when student input can really make a difference- or keeping sports traditions and culture alive. Most recently, it’s revamping the football tailgating culture at Duke. Less recently, it’s coordinating volunteers and operating a fiery tradition surrounding Duke basketball.

And I go to class, too! Mostly Econ and PoliSci ones because I love exploring how people interact in a variety of settings. Can you tell Game Theory was my favorite class?

Through leading this trip with the wonderful Eliza, I am more than thrilled to have found yet another opportunity to bring students from every corner of campus together to pursue a common goal. Different backgrounds, experiences, and passions make for great conversations and an intense plan for action.