Eliza + Coffee CupThink coffee cups, short films, feminist, Latina, and then think me! As a sunny, LA native I spend my time exploring a variety of coffee shops anywhere I go. I discovered chai lattes last year and since that marvelous and critical moment in my life where I had my first sip, every other drink has seemed subpar at most. In my spare time, I nonchalantly try to dismantle the patriarchy at the Women’s Center #casual – with a group of interns who are also my favorite humans, and am continuously in awe by the great work being done by the staff and my fellow colleagues. If I’m not there, I’m here, steaming milk and blending milkshakes at the Duke Coffeehouse where after testing out various espresso drinks of my own, might have slightly become addicted to them, especially lattes. You can occasionally find me writing an article as a member of the Duke Chronicle’s Editorial Board, programming events and discussions on identity as the president of Center for Race Relations, but most recently, I co-founded The Bridge, an online publication that celebrates Black and Latina women, centered at Duke and UNC! Check it out, check it out, check it out! I like bike-riding, mostly in warm weather… it took the hard way to realize just how painful riding a bike in 40 degree weather is without #thatwintergear. I am a Global Health & Women’s Studies double major, but check in on me in two years and let’s hope I still am. I love one-on-one’s – I mean LOVE, so ask me to join you for a cup of joe and I will always find myself saying YES, OF COURSE LETS BE FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER. And no, I’m never aggressive about forming friendships. Add me on LinkedIn.