Hey, my name is Eitan and I’m a senior from Boston, Mass. I am a sociology major with a specific interest in programs and outcomes for children with chronic illnesses. I love to play sports (especially basketball), coach sports (especially basketball), sing, watch movies, and read. I also love to dance, even though my style can be a little much for some people, and I like to spend at least a small part of everyday singing and dancing to music (mostly mid-2000’s rap) to get me pumped up for whatever I’m doing. I don’t really believe in headphones so I usually just play music on my phone from a pocket in my backpack, and hope the people I pass by don’t mind my rapping to Ludacris lyrics as I stroll through campus.

I also love to travel and learn about different cultures, and have been to several countries including Israel, China, Costa Rica, and Spain. I especially like when I know the language of the place I’m visiting and can at least try to blend in to the culture and hold my own without immediately being identified as “The American.” I hope to travel abroad after graduation and test my cultural immersion capabilities.

I am interested in eventually going to graduate school for social work after Duke (in 1-2 years), and hope to have a career that combines social work practice and research in program intervention/evaluation for kids who are sick. I am passionate about working with kids who face the challenge of living with a chronic illness, and want to focus my career on helping them build confidence and achieve the best social, educational, and occupational outcomes. I work with several organizations both in and out of Duke that promote this goal.

I wanted to attend this trip because I am really interested in learning more about human trafficking, especially how it relates to the demographic and social context of the city of San Diego. The only limited information I have about human trafficking is from watching TV programs or reading articles, and I am eager for the chance to learn about this issue on the ground and from experts in the field. I think it’s important to learn about important issues like human trafficking from different perspectives, and I look forward to engaging with and learning from the other students and people we meet on this trip!