Day 0

March 13th, 2016

  • Travel to San Diego
  • Explored Seaport Village
  • Grocery Shopping Excursion
  • Group Reflection
  • Self Reflection

One hour lost, three hours gained, and thirteen hours traveled. Between daylight savings and time zone changes, a few of us managed to squeeze short naps between MCAT prep and thesis writing sessions on the plane. Others were not as disciplined and napped the entire time.

The well-rested and the productive alike welcomed San Diego with open arms and empty stomachs. After settling in at a hostel downtown, the group headed to waterfront to walk aimlessly through local shops and peruse among the restaurants in search of a local bite to eat. Mostly, we people watched. But what were we actually looking for? Probably more food.

Next came the grocery shopping. We’ll let you know how the meals turn out.

Our short group reflection consisted of preliminary fears and excitement for the upcoming week. Discontent with the tourist act, we are settled in and are eager to meet the community that will harbor our exposure and education on the industry that garners more revenue than the home baseball team.

More updates to come,