About the Trip

What is an Alternative Break? 

Held during the traditional fall and spring break periods, Alternative Breaks are programs where students travel beyond Duke and Durham and participate in projects where they not only serve the community but learn about issues affecting communities with which they may not otherwise interact. This trip will provide an in-depth look at a number of social issues and gives participants the opportunity to learn, reflect, and identify ways that they can have an impact on issues facing society.

Why San Diego? 

San Diego, California is the number one site for human trafficking in the United States. We don’t claim to be the expert on this topic, nor do we seek to be. Our goal is simply to learn about the system in place, how the city is taking the industry down, and what our role as esteemed undergraduates is in order to contribute to the fight against human trafficking.

What do we want to accomplish? 

We have structured a three prong approach to the topic: education, law, and service. On this blog, you can find our preliminary research, our day-by-day itinerary, and our live responses to the organizations and experienced individuals with whom we will have the pleasure of working during our week long adventure.