Day 3

March 16th, 2016

We woke up to the delicious, big breakfast as usual! Then, we headed to the BSCC, where we were divided into three groups, and given clear instructions as to what each group would be doing. One group would be asking for visitors of the beach to sign a pledge to not contribute to human trafficking, the other group passed out more information and talked to visitors, and the third group went to a variety of restaurants and asked if it were possible to put up a poster of sex trafficking to bring awareness on the issue. All groups had positive experiences and it seemed as if many already had some knowledge on the issue, and if not, were willing to stop and listen about it. Then, we went to Lolita’s for some delicious Mexican food that Anthony took us to, where I discovered Carne Asada fries for the first time! Then, we went to visit Children of the Immaculate Heart, where we sat for two hours and went through a powerpoint with them, and were introduced to their own point of view on the issue through the Church. Later, we went to Lucky D’s and had a well-deserved rest. Later, we headed to meet with the Junior League of San Diego where they talked to us about their impact on the community, as well as the law that was passed that mandated that a variety of locations hang up a poster of human trafficking with information if they need help. We then went out to the streets and did poster outreach ourselves for a few hours. We headed to Lucky D’s late, where we had a group reflection on which population groups are able to make more of an impact and why this is – i.e. structural and systematic reasons. Later, we ended the night with a delicious late dinner that Melody and Bibi prepared for us!

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