Post ASB trip thoughts

I think I have walked away with the conviction to be more convicted in the things that I believe and the fact that I have privilege that I need to confront and acknowledge. After listening to Oree, a human trafficking survivor, a girl who had to endure four years of coercion, torture and abuse, and now as a woman who will have to deal with psychological, social and monetary issues following that trauma for the rest of her life, I realized that there is a need to fully immerse myself into my own beliefs. I recognize that as a middle-class woman who studies at Duke University, I am privileged enough to even have the time and forums to think about issues surrounding race, class, gender and sex and human trafficking. After going to multiple forums on human trafficking that were overwhelmingly white and middle-upper class, it became clear that conviction isn’t enough to participate in activism, time and resources are factors that must also be considered. And as a student at Duke I have that time and those resources, the question is what am I going to say next – what am I going to DO next. I am well positioned to advocate for those who do not have these privileges, and after having the additional privilege of having been on this trip, I realize that I need to be even more proactive in the communities I engage in at a grassroots level.

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