Of reflection sessions & further introspection

The reflection sessions have been really helpful because they’ve allowed me to collate all my experiences throughout a specific day, given that with a lot of activities happening throughout the day, it is easy to glaze over important details. They are also great because we have been able to theorize some of the things we have experienced and seen, not only through academic language and register, but also via our own experiences and also in relation to wider societal issues including capitalism, patriarchy and poverty. These reflection sessions have allowed us to think about the intrinsic reasons behind human trafficking beginning and remaining in society. By introspecting and looking deeper into some of our own experiences, I think we have been able to realize that human trafficking has never really been foreign to us and our communities, we just haven’t been able to identify it as such. Personally, these reflection sessions have also enabled me to look deeper into some of my own beliefs and identify some of the gaps in my convictions. I have also realized that as well as oppressions being intersectional, doctrines and beliefs need to be intersectional as well, so as to promote some sort of consistency and also to create more effective and comprehensive solutions.

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