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Write about a moment that stood out to you this week. What made it so memorable?


By far, the most impactful moments for me on this trip have been when we’ve been able to come in contact with a victim’s experience. The first time this happened was with Oree at the Orangewood Foundation, and I’m not sure I’ll soon forget how remarkable it was that she spoke about her experience being trafficked with no reservations. The power of her presence was a testament to her unbelievable resilience, and I can only hope that more survivors are able to become as empowered as she is as we develop treatment and services for victims.

I felt the same inspiring empowerment in Brenda from the “Dreamcatchers” documentary, and at a similar yet less intense level from those who directly worked with victims, including Laura from STARS and Charisma, a social worker with Child Welfare Services. I’m not sure which direction the correlation is, but it’s become more clear to me that the passion and power of these women are going to be most effective agents in the human trafficking movement. There is a common thread between individuals who directly with victims that more tangentially involved individuals don’t have. It’s this passion and ingenuity that makes their personalities stand out to me.

Though the capacity of Brenda and Oree to inspire and empower others in the face of daunting circumstances are extraordinary at the very least, I will remember the words of these women whenever I am called into a situation in which I must do the same, and I can only hope to have the same effect as they have on their audiences.


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