Day 1

March 14th, 2016

We woke up to the sounds of feet shuffling, pans and skillets, and the smell of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Shaq and Tionne worked hard to serve us a delicious breakfast, which we all scarfed down respectively. Soon after, we headed to the BSCC where Anika and Anthony briefed us on what human trafficking was, how it manifests, and who are vulnerable to it. We plan on working with them on Wednesday, by helping them pass out advertisements on the boardwalk. We then headed back to make and eat lunch at Lucky D’s, and prepare our dinner-to-go. The kitchen was bustling with life and the team work felt tangible throughout the process. We then headed out and went to visit the Sun Diego Youth Services with Laura who talked to us about their services and resources, specifically STARS where they allow female-identifying victims of sex trafficking to talk, for both introverts and extroverts. Then, we all took very, much needed naps on our car ride over to Santa Ana for our session at the Orangewood Center where we were introduced to Jim and Orie. Orie is a survivor and advocate of sex trafficking and was willing to tell us her story. She proved to be an astounding individual who inspired us all. We then briefly finished our lunch before Orangewood made a presentation on the Lighthouse that, thanks to a donor, will be made a reality. The Lighthouse is made for 18-21 year olds who are survivors of sex trafficking, specifically for the use of transitioning with the access of housing. Then, we had a two-hour group reflection on our way back to Lucky D’s, where we discussed the role of men in sex trafficking and brought it back to Duke. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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