Pre-Trip Concerns

I believe an overarching challenge for me on this trip will be to ensure I am able to engage with the material at an appropriate level and pace for myself. As an introvert, this means that I will likely process things in a different way than some of my peers, reflecting on some events days after they happen rather than providing immediate feedback on my emotions or asking questions mid-presentation. This may especially be difficult on this trip due to the full itinerary which doesn’t allow for much personalization of scheduling. On the other hand, this will allow me to practice the valuable and necessary skill of tailoring my experiences to my learning style when such fluidity isn’t an option (which is most of the time). To ensure I am able to process and engage with the material and individuals I come across, I will be working on writing down my thoughts over the course of the day to look back on in the evening when I think most clearly. I will also attempt to take down time for myself when possible in order to refresh myself and function as best as I can.

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