On Activism & Adjustments

I have been writing the words I could have said, instead of actually saying the words I’ve been wanting to say, and therefore I have become comfortable. I have become comfortable in my activism.

Writing has been a medium through which I have not only been able to express my thoughts, but my anger and my sadness as well. And as much as it has been a beautiful and healing experience to see how my words have touched peoples hearts and how those same words have forced me to explore places in my heart, soul and mind that I neglected before, I’m realizing that it isn’t enough for me. In this day and age, where lives are taken before a single word or thought is uttered, words aren’t enough. So I’m hoping that this trip will give me examples of how to step out and turn my words into actions. I’m hoping that through this trip I get the opportunity to observe the different ways in which people organize, whether it is within an NGO, a forum, a Safe House or a state office. Also, specific to human trafficking, I’m really interested in learning about how laws have changed in San Diego over the years to accommodate the growing knowledge base on human trafficking, as well as their successes and challenges in implementing these laws. I am also hoping to get a glimpse into how human trafficking is dealt with on a grassroots level. Lastly, I believe I’ll learn more about activism, and other ways to effect change, from my fellow group members.

I think this trip might give me the motivation I need to not only get more involved in activism, but to be more intentional with the causes I involve myself in. I also believe that the trip might push me to be more aware of not only myself but also those around me. At a recent speaker event, which featured Anna Deavere Smith, I recall her performing a monologue of one district education officer, who spoke about how much of a blessing it would be for her to even save one life among the disenfranchised and marginalized students whom she served. I have usually looked towards making mass change; trying to think of ways to change many lives at the same time, why? Ideas are sexy when they’re big, more noble and exciting that way, and they also make for better monologues. However, I’m beginning to understand how beautiful and miraculous it is to impact even one life; to ensure that one less person feels neglected and to see to it that one more person knows they are wanted and cared for. And although I still believe in my large dreams, and I am still working to effect that widespread change one day, I’m praying that this trip further instills within me the desire to impact even just one life.


See you on the flip side <3

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