Is there anything that you are worried will challenge you on this trip?

This trip is sure to be a challenge in many ways, but the biggest challenge for me will be processing all the information and experiences I am about to take in. It is only one week, but the group is going to be exploring human trafficking from many different angles. The last thing that I want is for this to be a topic of discussion for just this week, so I want to find ways to bring it back to Duke. At this point, I am not sure how this will all pan out, so I’m a little worried, but once the week starts, I think it will develop organically. Also, the topic itself of human trafficking is very delicate. You want to prosecute the criminals but also always treat the victims with dignity and respect. It’s a difficult, yet necessary, balance that I believe none of us have any experience with. In the end, I didn’t sign up for the trip for an easy simple experience. I knew coming in that it would be challenging, and the feelings of worry are mixed with curiosity and excitement right now too.

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