7PM, FEB 10TH, Richard White Lecture Hall: Ladder to Damascus (Mohamed Malas, 2013, 95 min, Syria, in Arabic w/ English subtitles, Color, Blu-Ray)

Ghalia is inhabited by the soul of Zeina, a girl who drowned the day
she was born. Haunted by Zeina’s past life, Ghalia travels to
Damascus to study acting and understand her present condition.
She meets Fouad an aspiring lmmaker who becomes fascinated by
Ghalia’s duality. He takes her under his wing and helps her nd a
place to live in a Damascene house, now converted into a dorm
inhabited by young Syrians from dierent regions. Within the
connes of the house and its ancient courtyard, Fouad’s love for
Ghalia and Zeina blossoms while the tumultuous events in Syria
start unfolding in the streets around them gradually encroaches on
their idyllic isolation.

7PM, APRIL 2ND, White 107: Film Screening: “Microphone” (Ahmad Abdalia, 2010, 120 min, Egypt, in Arabic w/ English subtitles, Color, DVD)

When Khaled (Khaled Abol Naga) returns to his native Alexandria after years of travel he finds a much-changed city. Khaled tries to restore ties with both his father and his former lover but soon realizes that his efforts are in vain. While walking the streets of Alexandria, he stumbles across the underground art scene with its street musicians, skateboarders and graffiti artists. It’s not long before their story intertwines with Khaled’s and he discovers himself once again through the world of art and music. “Microphone” is the second feature film by Egyptian film director, editor and screenwriter Ahmad Abdalla. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2010 and has since received many international awards including the Golden Tulip from the Istanbul International Film Festival in 2011, the Best Arabic-language film Award from the Cairo International Film Festival 2010 and the Tanit d’Or from Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage 2010.