The “Arts of Revolution in the Middle East” conference incorporates a number of performances into the conference program. You will find brief descriptions of these pieces below.

“The Voice of Free Syrian Children” | Malek Jandali

Benefit concert by award winning composer and pianist, will support vulnerable Syrian children.  His latest work “Emessa – Homs” includes original compositions inspired by the people of Syria and their quest for freedom and human rights.

“Collective Performance” |Hayv Kahraman, Iraqi Artist

My process begins by narrating personal memories that unarguably are specific yet could be part of a collective history. The self is used as a formal/lingual vehicle to communicate and share the life/lives of the other/s. I am concerned with the multitude not the self. This is not only my story. It can be the story of more than 5 million people within the Iraqi diaspora or any diaspora. I do not intend to generalize. It is merely a recreation of what I have experienced and what I see people around me experiencing.

With this collective lecture performance the emphasis isn’t put on the individual artist giving the lecture. That is a small ingredient of the work. The lecture is devised and structured based on the subtraction of the individual artist. It is meant to highlight the collective by using the collective to narrate a story that is concurrently specific and non specific. It is a story from another perspective. A perspective that perhaps was once foreign and distant or that one has heard many times on the radio or on TV but ultimately it is the perspective of millions of people around the world. It is a perspective of a woman who is an immigrant. Her process and approach to survival after war, coping with a foreign land and an abusive relationship. This is her story but it is also her and her and her and her story. It is the story told from the perimeter encompassing the core.

Film: Wonderland |Halil Altindere, Turkish Artist/Filmmaker

Artist Halil Altındere will present his video “Wonderland” (February 2013, 8 minutes) made together with local Roma rap group Tahribad-ı Isyan from Sulukule (Roma region of Istanbul). Sulukule people are symbols of the sufferings recent urban transformation caused in Istanbul. Altındere will show related images and talk about his video Wonderland which was shot months before the Gezi Park resistance in Istanbul, and continue with themes surrounding urban transformation, resistance strategies, creativity at Gezi Resistance and the differences from other alternative social movements.