Videocassette Tapes

Cassette tapes include VHS, Umatic, Betacam, Mini-DVs, etc.


All cassette video tapes should be stored upright, on the long or short spine. Label the spine facing up in the box, for easy identification. Do not place ID labels over critical information — instead place labels on the face of the cases. Magnetic media can generally cohabit with paper without any issues. Store in cool storage at LSC (do not freeze).

At-Minimum Housing

Stand upright in original box.

Typical Housing

House by size. Larger formats can go in records storage (Paige) boxes; smaller formats can go in audiocassette or other specialty boxes. Use spacers to ensure media don’t fall over.

High-End Housing

Ensure each tape has a case, or replace cases as necessary. Affix a second label to the face of the cassette capsule. Box by size.

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