The Market

Currently, it is estimated that the United States embolic protection device market is worth $50M based on a TAVR population of 95,000 patients [1]. By 2030, it is expected that embolic protection devices will be worth $400M, an eightfold increase. Meanwhile, we expect to launch our device after regulatory clearance in the year 2025, when the United States TAVR population is projected to be at 229,000 patients [2].

We believe our device can benefit nearly 60,000 patients by the year 2030, and present a safer and easier alternative to the SENTINEL device as well as other embolic protection devices. In the first five years after obtaining regulatory approval, this translates to $128M in sales (assuming a competitive price of $2,200 per ArchGuard device). After reaching our 15% adoption milestone, our net margin of 52% will translate to an average profit of $6.7M per year.




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