ArchGuard Advantage

ArchGuard offers added value to physicians that existing solutions lack. 


Complete Protection

ArchGuard offers protection to all three great vessels. The only FDA-approved cerebral protection on market only covers two vessels, leaving a path for dislodged debris to travel into the brain where it can cause ischemia.

Intuitive Deployment

The symmetry of the ArchGuard device allows for “roll-free” alignment. This is a vast improvement over competitor devices, which have multiple components that require alignment and thus add excessive time to the procedure. By limiting our procedure time, we are subsequently limiting the amount of sedatives and radiation administered to the patient and ensuring a quicker recovery. 


ArchGuard functions as a deflector for debris rather than capturing it. Some competitors have baskets to capture debris, but the amount of debris caught cannot be controlled. This has the devastating possibility of occluding blood flow to the brain if the baskets entrap an excess of debris and thus severely restrict perfusion. Our various stakeholders have suggested deflecting debris, especially since it is highly unlikely for debris to cause complications once it travels downstream.