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Our Technology

We are currently developing ArchGuard, a novel cerebral protection device, for TAVR that meets the needs of our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include interventional cardiologists from Duke University Hospital. We have also received direct feedback from interventional cardiologists from Stanford University Health Care, Scripps Health, and HonorHealth.

ArchGuard offers complete protection, meaning it shields all three great vessels coming off the aortic arch throughout the entire TAVR procedure and re-directs dislodged debris away from the brain.

ArchGuard is composed of a nylon mesh to prevent calcified debris from passing through while maintaining adequate perfusion. It is held open by a shape-memory NiTinol (nickel titanium) frame to securely fit in a variety of aortic arch geometries.

ArchGuard is controlled through a handheld delivery system that can be operated by the physician. ArchGuard provides minimal interruption to other delivery mechanisms that must traverse the aortic arch, allowing for easy integration into current workflows during TAVR.