Tutor Scheduling

**Scheduling will open Early September**.

There are two ways to create your schedule as an ARAC tutor:

  • Self-Scheduling Form (Returning Tutors Only): Use this method if you would like to continue working with the same teacher(s) as last semester, and you have already talked with your teacher about it.
  • Online Binder: Use this method if you are a new tutor or if you are a returning tutor who would like to try out new sites/teachers

Fall 2018 Tutoring Self-Scheduler: Fill out this form once you have ALREADY set up and confirmed your tutoring schedule with your supervising teacher(s).

  • Submit ONE form for each tutoring slot. So, for example if  you  are tutoring from 10-11 on Wednesdays at Watts Elementary, 2-4 on Thursdays at Watts Elementary, and 9-11:30 on Fridays at Lakewood Montessori, you would need to submit THREE forms.
  • You cannot begin tutoring until  after after your initial check-in interview and after your schedule has been approved.

Online Binder: Sign up for a slot once you have confirmed your class schedule.

  • New tutors must come to scheduling drop-in hours to have their schedule approved before they will be allowed to edit Online Binder.
  • If you are a new tutor, we strongly encourage you to view this online tutorial to learn how the Online Binder works
  • Enter your name and email next to each slot you would like to tutor.  Please note the site description and the training recommendations for each placement.
  • Email to both the site coordinator and your supervising teacher introducing yourself, asking if there’s anything special you should know about the placement, and letting them know when your first day of work will be. This will be the week of September 19th.

Schedule FAQ

How do I know what time school finishes on an Early Release Day?

It’s two hours earlier than the school’s normal day. If you’re not sure and can’t find the information on their website, you can call the school and ask.

Do I need to go to tutoring when Duke Undergraduate Classes are not in session?

No, you are not expected to tutor during Duke Holidays, Spring Break, or after the last day of classes.

Do I need to go to tutoring on Teacher Work Days or School Holidays?

If the school is closed you are not expected to tutor, however some afterschool programs operate on Teacher Work Days so be sure to check with your site coordinator.

What happens when my classroom is taking a test or is on a field trip?

You are not required to go to tutoring if you will not be able to tutor.  Be sure to make a note of the absence on your online attendance log so you aren’t counted as a no-show.  You can make up these missed sessions, just be sure to notify your program coordinator of the schedule change.  This type of absence does not count toward your 3 excused absences.