There are several steps you must follow to insure you are paid for your efforts as an ARAC tutor:

  1. Submit all required documentation to Chi Vo at
    • Complete electronic I9 and turn in copies of documents
    • W-4 and NC-4
    • Work-Study Payroll Form
    • Copy of your work-study award letter
  2. Attend Tutor Training, including the session on ARAC policies. You will not be able to be paid, until you attend this session.
  3. Complete your Online Timesheet at your site each time you tutor.
  4. Complete your Duke@Work Time Card every day you tutor and submit it every two weeks (See Duke@Work section below for more details).

It is your responsibility to record the correct hours that you worked and submit the Duke@Work time card by the deadline. Failure to submit your time card will result in you forfeiting your payment for that payperiod as well as cause other problems for our program staff.  Please be cognizant of these deadlines and act responsibly to ensure that you receive the payment you deserve. Be aware of your work study award amount and plan the number of hours you will tutor and prepare accordingly. If you exceed your allotted work study award, you will continue tutoring as a VOLUNTEER.


  1. You should have been told about the ARAC signin/out binders at each site. You should see a sheet with your name at each site. If you don’t, grab a blank sheet from the end of the binder and add your name. This is where we will keep track of all hours.
  2. You should enter your time spent tutoring each day – these times should align with your tutoring schedule
    • If you are absent, be sure to write that in on your log in the notes section.
    • If your teacher supervisor cancels a session, be sure to write that in on your log in the notes section.
    • If you are making-up a session, be sure  to mark that on your log.  Make-up sessions must be cleared in advance with your teacher and with the ARAC program coordinator or those hours will not be approved.
  3. The times entered on your online attendance log should match what is entered electronically at Duke@Work.
  4. Enter time spent at Head Tutor Meetings and on Reflection logs in your online attendance log with a note explaining the entry.  These entries will not require a signature.
  5. Be sure to remind your teacher(s) to log in and sign your attendance log weekly.


In order to be justly compensated for your tutoring hours, you must log your time in the Duke@Work website using your NetID

  • You are a bi-weekly employee which means your time card will be due every two weeks (see payroll deadlines below).
  • The MyTime tab is on the main navigation bar on the Duke@Work website.
  • From MyTime, the employee chooses the link for Enter Your Current Period Time Card
  • An active link has the heading for the current year and number of timecard. The link will be disabled once the pay period is closed.
  • Electronic Time cards MUST be completed online through Duke@Work, EVERY time you tutor.
  • The evening after tutoring, fill out your time card online, every time you tutor and SAVE it. Only submit it after your last day of tutoring for that week.
  • ARAC Staff cannot update or change your time cards.
  • You may include up to 45 minutes for filling out your reflection log AND include the amount of time you spent in your Head Tutor Meeting (1 hour typically), Head Tutor Office Hours and any approved training.
  • Please do not write in the Comment Section of your Duke@Work timecard. All correspondence should be email to Mrs. James if you need to explain anything about your time card.

Timecard Deadlines: All time cards are due no later than 5 PM on Friday. Timecards can be submitted as soon as you have documented the last tutoring session for the pay period.

If you have any questions please contact Chi Vo at



Any falsification will be documented and result in termination. Actions taken by the program regarding this policy reflect the guidelines enforced by Duke University and Federal law.

Falsification includes, but is not limited to:

  • hours logged in for tutoring when tutor was absent.
  • hours logged in for meetings/events that did not occur or were not attended.
  • hours logged for reflection logs that were not completed.