The Office of Durham and Regional Affairs manages the van transportation for Duke ARAC and service-learning students to the following locations:

  • Carter Community Charter School
  • Durham Public Library
  • Emily K Center
  • El Centro Hispano
  • Forest View Elementary
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Lakewood Montessori Middle School
  • Lyon Park Community Center
  • Morehead Montessori Magnet School
  • Student U – WG Pearson Middle School
  • Y.E. Smith Elementary School


In order to receive Duke Van Transportation to your tutoring site, will need to follow these steps:

  1. When selecting your tutoring schedule, build in a minimum of 30-40 minutes of round-trip travel time for any tutoring where you will require Van Transportation
  2. Submit a Van Request Form for each day and each site to which you need transportation.
    • Example: If you need transportation to Lakewood Elementary on Tuesday morning and to Forest View on Tuesday afternoon, you must submit TWO van requests.
  3. You will receive a copy of the van schedule as a Google Doc prior to the first day of tutoring.  Review the schedule as your pick up and drop-off times will most likely not be exactly the time you requested.
  4. If you need to adjust the time you arrive or end tutoring, inform your teacher that in order to ride the Van you need to adjust your time.
    • If you have to cut your tutoring session by more than 15 minutes, if your teacher supervisor is not able to accommodate the change or if you can’t make it from class to the van pick-up in time, then please notify the ARAC Program Coordinator.
  5. Review the Van Rules and Van Policy for adverse Weather and Early Release Days described below.
  6. Be sure to save both Arlene’s email and phone number as well as the driver’s number in your phone in case of an emergency.

If you have any questions or changes to your transportation schedule, please contact:

Megan McCurley

Van Rules and Expectations

  • The Van is expected to arrive on time and leave on time for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • The Van cannot wait for you if you are late (not even a minute)
  • The Van Driver has a pre-determined route, they cannot pick you up or drop you off at a different location.
  • Seats on the Van are limited, so you must notify Arlene of any absences before your expected pick-up time.  If you don’t, you risk losing your seat and access to Van Transportation
  • If you are experiencing any challenges with Van Transportation, contact Arlene.  If she is unable to resolve the issue, contact the ARAC program Coordinator.

Van Policy for Early Release Days

  • DPS Early Release Days: No van transportation, except to Carter Community Charter,  Lyon Park, Crest Street, and El Centro

Weather Related Policies

  • 2-Hour Delay: Van transportation will start at 11am
  • 3-Hour Delay: No van transportation and programming
  • Early Release due to Inclement Weather: No Van Transportation*
  • *Late announcement that schools are releasing 2 hours early due to inclement weather:  Van Transportation’s last pickup will be at 12