Head Tutors

What do the ARAC Head Tutors do?

Head Tutors are tutors who become more invested in the ARAC program and seek out opportunities to support their fellow peers. They meet with the ARAC Program Staff to plan and implement tutor training sessions. They serve to facilitate reflective dialogue about your experience as an ARAC tutor, as well as encourage peer learning.


Meet your 2016-17 Head Tutors

Rishi Subrahmanyan ’18


Fun Fact: This summer, I am learning night sky photography.

Chloe McIntosh ’17

Screenshot (1)

“Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta

Tiffany Ho ’18


Major: Computer Science

I like to be the sun of other people: I spread positive energy and smile 🙂

Van Nguyen ’19

van_picture (2)

Major: Public Policy and Statistics

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from adulthood so far is that it’s like piano class — my mother made me do it, I’m not allowed to quit, and I’m honestly winging it as I go along.”

 Maura Smyles

Joe Squillace

Grace Mok ’19


Fun fact: I call Marketplace “Mark”

Nadia Ford ’19


Major: Psychology

If it were socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music everyday of the year, I would.

Frances Beroset ’19


Major: Psychology

One of the first graders I tutor recently described me as “a grownup, but not really,” and I think that about sums it up!

Miles Ndukwe ’18


Major: Math

Sentence/Fun Fact: I almost always order a Pesto Chicken Ciabatta sandwich from the Loop.

Alexandra Sanchez Rolon

Brooke Huang