In accepting a tutor position in the America Reads and Counts program, I will to adhere to the standards of excellence expected of me. I agree to all of the following:


  • Attending each and every tutoring session I have signed up for during a semester.
  • Attending an Orientation at the beginning of each semester.
  • Attending each and every Head Tutor meeting I have signed up for during the semester.
  • Completing and submitting robust and thoughtful bi-weekly reflection logs. Submitting reflection logs even if I did not tutor in that period.


  • Dressing in manner that is professional and appropriate for working with children and youth (See the DPS Student Code of Conduct Rule I.A-3).
  • Keeping all personal electronic devices away and will not bring them out until I have left my placement site.
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude towards the students and teachers at my placement site.
  • Sharing feedback on and questions about my tutee’s academic progress with the supervising teacher.
  • Holding in confidence any information disclosed to me about a tutee, verbally or in reports, by school faculty and staff or by program staff.

Proactive Communication

  • Notify the ARAC program, supervising teacher, and site coordinator at least one week in advance of a planned absence.
  • Notify the ARAC program, supervising teacher, and site coordinator before the start of a tutoring session in the case of illness or an emergency.
  • Maintain regular communication with assigned Head Tutor through monthly meetings.
  • Maintain regular communication with Program Coordinator and assistants through email, office hours, and reflection logs.
  • Notify Program Staff of any challenges or concerns.
  • Respond to emails in a timely manner.


  • Completing my attendance at every shift:
  • Completing and submitting electronic Duke@Work time cards every other Friday by 5 PM.
  • Tracking and distributing my hours to continue working through the end of the Spring semester. If I run out of federal funding, I understand that I should not continue to submit a Duke@Work timecard and that I am expected to volunteer my time until the end of the ARAC term.
  • By not submitting my timesheet on time or correctly, I understand these hours will be volunteer hours.

 Grounds for Dismissal

  • Falsification of hours.
  • No-show for a scheduled tutoring session.
  • Five or more absences per semester.
  • One or more missed payroll deadline a semester.
  • Two or more missed reflections a semester.
  • Violation of any other ARAC policies.