Site Coordinators play a crucial role in the coordination of the ARAC program.

Support Site Teachers:

  • Serve as primary ARAC point of contact for teachers in the school.
  • Communicate program requirements and guidelines to teachers.
  • Email teachers the link to complete the Tutor Request Form (August/Jan), Tutor Evaluation and Teacher Survey (Dec/April).
  • Communicate tutoring schedule to teachers at the beginning of each semester.
  • Ensure that teachers and tutors have a communication system (provide tutor contact info to teacher and vice versa).
  • Remind teachers of tutor start and end dates, and all Duke holidays.
  • If necessary, help recruit teachers to the program and help them identify students to be tutored.

Support ARAC Tutors:

  • Help tutors find additional tutoring hours / placements or help them modify their schedule if necessary.
  • Serve as point of contact for the tutors in the school.
  • Arrange adequate places for tutors to work with students.

Communicate with ARAC program coordinator:

  • Inform program coordinator of school testing dates and upcoming school field trips.
  • Meet with the program coordinator to discuss issues and upcoming dates when requested.
  • Inform program coordinator If you are unable to complete the ARAC site coordinator responsibilities for any reason.