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Fall Program Information

The America Reads/America Counts (ARAC) program is designed to enhance primary-level reading and math skills of children in Durham, while providing Duke University students the opportunity to gain work experience and give back to their community. ARAC tutors are funded through Federal Work Study. The program is coordinated through the Duke Community Service Center (CSC).

ARAC Tutors
Tutors provide one-to-one and/or small group instruction for school age (PreK-8th grade) children in the Durham area. They select a local school or afterschool program tutoring site based on best fit, hours of availability, teacher needs, and location. The focus is on increasing the reading and writing proficiency and the mathematical skills of these children. Tutors report to the ARAC program staff. Each school will have a site coordinator to assist tutors with scheduling and school familiarity, and a Head Tutor for on-going professional development and mentoring. Tutors can work during the school and afterschool hours of 8 AM to 7:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Scheduling Request forms will be distributed in August*

All requests are due by end of August (Date TBA)*

ARAC Program staff do not assign tutoring sites or times, tutors will sign-up for tutoring sessions based on their  schedules and convenience. The earlier you submit your request the more likely you are to receive tutors.  You may also schedule directly with your previous year’s tutors.  Let us know if you need their contact information.

Fall 2018 tutoring schedules will be distributed to you via email by September.

Important Fall 2018 Dates

  • Returning ARAC tutors are eligible to start working on September (Date TBA)*
  • All tutors (New and Returning) will start by Septer (Date TBA)*
  • ARAC Tutors will not work during Duke Fall Break (October 5-9th)
  • The final day of Fall 2018  ARAC tutoring is Friday, December 7th

*Dates subject to change