Attention Tutors:

As students participating in America Reads America Counts (ARAC), I wanted to let you know your service in the community can fulfill requirements in the Civic Engagement Social Change certificate. This experiential certificate provides students with the opportunity to carve a pathway in the classroom and in the community to deepen learning and to develop relevant skills to effect change in the world.

Requirements for the certificate include a gateway course, two electives offered across departments and disciplines and a capstone. Additionally, students complete two community-based experiences to build skills and develop a deeper understanding of issues and the organizations working to address them (ARAC counts toward these community-based experiences).

Please consider learning more about the certificate by emailing me ( or reaching out to Eric Mlyn. You can also apply to enroll in the certificate before the semester ends. We hope the certificate provides you with the pathway you need to continue to do good work well in the world.