Aquí y Allá: Migrations in Latin American Labor History conference

Aquí y Allá Welcome Video

This year’s 30th meeting of the Latin American Labor History Conference brings together some of the top scholars studying migrations within and from Latin America from a transnational perspective. Although migration history has always had a transnational dimension, most historians have studied it from the perspective of a single sending or receiving country; the scholars participating in the conference this May contribute to a new wave of migration studies that considers the phenomenon from diverse locales and on multiple scales.

The conference will include several panel discussions interspersed with six workshop sessions to discuss pre-circulated papers. A journalists’ panel will inaugurate the conference with such celebrated writers as New York Times journalist Damien Cave and El Faro journalist Óscar Enrique Martínez to discuss press coverage of migration. A panel featuring former DukeEngage service-learning students will share their stories of learning, working, volunteering and living just miles from the US-Mexico border in Tucson, Arizona. Finally, a panel of local health professionals will discuss outreach to the Latina and Latino community in North Carolina.

While all conference sessions are open, we ask that you only attend the workshop sessions if you have read the papers under discussion and plan to participate in the seminar. Please contact the conference organizer, Yuri Ramírez at for information on how to access the papers and if you plan to stay for meals, since these are not open to the public.