Regarding Lodge et al (2006)

March 19, 2010

Scott Rong

Professor Cooke

Writing 20

19 March 2010

In Biological Invasions: Recommendations for U.S. policy and management, Lodge et. al (2006) on behalf of the Ecological Society of America recommends that the federal government undertake the following measures.  Firstly, the federal government must use new information and practices to efficiently manage commercial and other pathways, in order to reduce transport and release of potentially harmful species. Secondly, the government must assess risk through more quantitative measures and must apply said measures to every species importation into America. Thirdly, the United States must use cost-effective diagnostic technologies to increase active surveillance and share information regarding invasive species to create more effective responses to invasions. Fourthly, the government must create legal authority and provide funding to support rapid responses to initial invasions. Fifthly, the government must also provide said funding and incentive for cost-effective programs to gain the popularity of the public and slow the spread of existing species in order to protect pristine environments as well as preserve social/industrial infrastructure and human welfare. Lastly, the government must establish a National Center for Invasive Species Management to coordinate and lead improvements regarding policy. I believe the points made by Dr. Lodge have very immediate importance. Similar measures taken in countries such as New Zealand have enjoyed great success, whereas current invasive species policy in the United States is infantile in its effectiveness. Support for his recommendations in both the political and public sector will certainly reduce the detriment of the “billion dollar problem.”