Books & Articles

Drunken Drosophila – features the work of Ulrike Heberlein and the inebriometer.
The Scientist (March 2006, pp 63-65). (free subscription)

Genetics of Alcohol-Induced Behaviors in Drosophila, Ulrike Heberlein, PhD.
Alcohol Research and Health Vol. 24, No. 3, 2000.

Web-based References

Drunken Flies Mimic Human Behavior:

Videos & animations

This 8-minute video describes cutting-edge research using the Drosophila Inebriometer

Classroom Curricula and Activities

Alcohol Tolerance in Drosophila and You
In this lab activity, students will learn about the importance of the ADH enzyme for metabolizing alcohol using fruitflies as a model for human behavior.

Drosophila Genetics in the Classroom