Of late me and my team are working with Compass youth centre, an NGO that aims to eliminate school to prison to pipeline by providing quality STEM education to students outside of the school curriculum to make them future leaders. It has been an amazing journey so far working with the CEO Mr. Lorenza Wilkins and his highly cooperative team, I should make a special mention of Prof. Kathie Amato for providing guidance throughout the whole process. Using design thinking and innovation principles we are trying to make CYCs efforts better heard by designing a strategic process that will help them reach out to more donors and also help them achieve the most impactful results with the wonderful work they are doing to make this world a better place to live. As a part of the process we are in the brainstorming and ideating phase with my wonderful team Sushmita Biswas Jugal Karda Yusuf Bhinderwala JinTae Rhee and Yuan Wei and we hope to deliver a quality result that will help CYC.


Here is a short video of our Design Sprint:         https://youtu.be/EUoa87odr68




Identify the pain-points by Customer Journey map( What is )

Brainstorming: Divergent thinking ( What if )









A plot of Feasibility vs Impact ( Convergent Thinking)

Duke’s Apollo 13