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Product Improvement: Duolingo


Duolingo is a language learning app that is free and runs on a freemium model. 

DuoLingo: One of the most user-friendly, simplistic and beautiful interface apps with interactive learning. The best part about the app is learning by playing, I have never felt it as a learning app rather I have seen it as a very good game. The streaks help me achieve more and stay motivated. The Product Managers have made the app in a way that is goal-oriented and keeps you motivated to do more while also learning. It even shows politely that this ad helps us keep education free.

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Let me help you to help others :)

Winning the product design challenge: Productathon

Well, well, well !!!

It excites me to share my story of winning the product design challenge: Productathon. I will take you through my journey and share the experiences and steps that I chose to deliver the solution.

My passion for redesigning product experiences achieved a milestone when I won the 3-week sprint.  A significant learning curve for me towards excelling in product management. A big shoutout to the Product Management club for organizing this fantastic event and the industry expert Mr. Rob Olsen for being the judge and awarding me the Best Project award.

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