Redefining Product Experiences

Author: Anirudha Bharadwaj

Product Improvement: Duolingo


Duolingo is a language learning app that is free and runs on a freemium model. 

DuoLingo: One of the most user-friendly, simplistic and beautiful interface apps with interactive learning. The best part about the app is learning by playing, I have never felt it as a learning app rather I have seen it as a very good game. The streaks help me achieve more and stay motivated. The Product Managers have made the app in a way that is goal-oriented and keeps you motivated to do more while also learning. It even shows politely that this ad helps us keep education free.

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The story of Mars

Mars, Our nearest celestial neighbour after Moon, is a mysterious world with many proofs that show that life once existed on the red planet. Often Venus, Earth, and Mars are referred to as triplets and were very similar in the structure, size, and temperature in the earlier stages of formation. How did life come to existence only on Earth? Venus was very close to the sun to nurture life and had extreme temperature variations. Coming to mars, Martian life did not start once, not twice but thrice!

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Jupiter the Unsung Hero !!!

Jupiter, the largest of all the children planets of the Sun has been controlling our Solar System in the past, the present and will control the future as well. Jupiter, named after the Roman king of gods, looms between the inner rocky planets and the outer gas giants. Jupiter has a storm called the great red spot that is 4 times the size of the Earth itself and has been raging over hundreds of years. It has a very strong magnetic field and dozens of moons. As much as 1300 Earths would fit inside Jupiter, it alone makes up to 2/3 rd the mass of all the planets, everything about Jupiter is just big!!

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Stellar Evolution !!!

Stars! Me, You, literally everything around and even deep space objects are all stardust. The leftovers of a star’s death will lead to the birth of new objects over a course of time. Thus whatever we see around us is all cosmic products. Much like living organism’s stars do have a finite lifetime. Death! Can stars escape? Nope! The way they die might vary but none of them can escape certain death.

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About Astroperception

Astronomy Explained !!

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Arthur C. Clarke

Welcome! Thanks for dropping by to my Blog.

Are you fascinated by the night sky? Have you ever wondered are we all alone in this Universe and are you looking for an answer to it? Do you love staring at the night sky and think why do we even exist and try to find an answer for that?

Yes!!! You have come to the right place.

Astroperception is a place where you can learn complex Astronomical concepts which are governed by theories of Physics. You don’t even have to have any basic Physics background, I do all that job and give  simple day to day analogies which will help you understand better.

I hope I will be able to empower people to understand the power of the Universe and appreciate the massiveness of this place and at the same time appreciate the fact of how unique and insignificant we are. Our understanding of this Universe is changing every single day and the greater understanding we have about the Universe the more daunting it is.

Welcome and read on !!!


Let me help you to help others :)

Winning the product design challenge: Productathon

Well, well, well !!!

It excites me to share my story of winning the product design challenge: Productathon. I will take you through my journey and share the experiences and steps that I chose to deliver the solution.

My passion for redesigning product experiences achieved a milestone when I won the 3-week sprint.  A significant learning curve for me towards excelling in product management. A big shoutout to the Product Management club for organizing this fantastic event and the industry expert Mr. Rob Olsen for being the judge and awarding me the Best Project award.

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