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Hey there 🙂 Thanks for visiting my website. I am Anirudha Bharadwaj, an aspiring Product Manager who believes in redefining product experiences. I am currently a student at Duke University studying Master of Engineering Management with a concentration in Product Management.  Astronomy is another area that is super close to my heart and I am an amateur Astronomer who loves gazing the night sky and wonder if we have twins elsewhere. 


My hometown is Bengaluru, India and I graduated from Ramaiah Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. I absolutely love travelling, being around people and making new friends. I have travelled to 25 states in India, 3 countries abroad and it has shaped me the person I am today. I am an avid biker too, I owned a Honda CBR 250R back in India and have done some amazing biking trips on that beautiful machine.

I just love to take up new challenges I am very passionate about being curious. I am a foodie and I cook really really really good South-Indian food (Can’t stress enough ;P). I am enjoying every second here at Duke and It is wonderful to be around people who are smarter than you and to pick up those transferable life skills along the way. The best part about Duke is its brotherhood and blue devil spirit and the love for sports, I am a hardcore Dukie and a die-hard fan of Duke basketball team, GO DUKE !!




Also, visit my blog where I write articles about astronomy and explain the science behind it in layman terms

If you share any common interests or share the same passion as I do, shoot me an email and we’ll grab a coffee and chat