Yuri On Ice Season 2 to Cover Viktor’s Arm Amputation From A practice-gone-wrong

Studio MAPPA recently announced a Yuri!!! On Ice season 2 to continue the figure skating drama that gripped the world in Fall 2016.

Yuri!!! On Ice achieved wide popularity for its detailed attention to figure skating, entertaining depictions of the sport and its subtleties, and most of all, the homosexual relationship between main character Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov. The second season’s focus, however, will shift to cultivating the severity of the romance that some argued was overshadowed by overly zealous affections toward ice in the first season. It will instead cover the tragic amputation of Nikiforov’s arm after a pair skating practice gone wrong.
“Just imagine it–Viktor is lifting Yuri to do a jump in the air, and in a lapse of attention, Yuri’s skate slices Viktor’s arm like salami. Viktor is unconscious in pain and is rushed to the hospital while Yuri is plagued with guilt and worry. The figure skating community blames Yuri for the injury and isolates him to a small dark place within his mind where he self destructs. Meanwhile Viktor can never skate again without his arm which acts as a critical weight balancing mechanism…or maybe he overcomes the difficulty and makes history by becoming a world renowned armless figure skater. It’s the true test of the strength of a relationship,” Director Sayo Yamamoto stated. “The first season created superficial angst from unreasonable causes that were dramatized to the extreme. No one can relate to that. We need a compelling story. I believe this second season will deliver.”

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