A City of Decisions and Perspectives – Michelle Rodriguez


It was at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As I dredged through the midday sun, I was sure Marrakesh was on a mission to have my last brain cell leak through my ears. Heat was radiating off the merciless concrete as we inched forward through a small local neighborhood. Finally arriving within a small parking […]

High Atlas Shrugged – Alex Frumkin

The logo of the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), an NGO I found out about in Marrakesh, Morocco


Founded in 1062 north of the Atlas Mountains (specifically the High Atlas range), Marrakesh is one of the four former imperial cities and is now known as the tourist capital of Morocco; […]

The Red City: A Center of Hope – by Ahmed Salat

Last weekend’s visit to Marrakesh was different from all the other weekend excursions to other cities in the past four weeks. Due the very high daytime temperatures, people are more active at night thus it was fascinating to see how full the Jemma El-Fnna, the Marrakesh square and marketplace, would get at night even […]

~~Marrakech~~ -Molly Mansfield

After visiting Marrakech, it is easy to understand why this city is Morocco’s touristic capital. The name itself is filled with mystery and intrigue. Marrakech has a little bit of everything. The winding markets are reminiscent of Fez, the city is within day-or-weekend-trip-distance of the Sahara Desert and many of Morocco’s most famous cities, and […]

The Rider Ingenue – Noah Huffman

“You know, she’s something of a legend in this town.” Naoual rose from her perch on the corner of the wooden desk covered in loose papers and an overflowing binder. “To be honest, I’ve never seen her myself,” she conceded, “but some of my friends have.” Others in the room chirped with stories of affirmation, […]

$$ MarraCa$h $$

Once the actual capital of Morocco, Marrakech, otherwise known as “The Red City,” is now the tourism capital of Morocco. In 2017, two and a half million people visited the city – a 20% increase from 2016. I immediately knew why Marrakech attracts so many internationals when we exited the bus and made a 3-minute […]

Marrakesh Triptych – Anna Cunningham

Early Impressions

I first thought about Morocco and Marrakesh when I was 15 years old and ordering lamb at Marrakesh Restaurant in Disney World. I remember a belly-dancer in “exotic” clothes, ornate plasterwork, and goofing off with my friends. It was a tasty dinner, though, in hindsight, the lack of tajine makes me doubt its […]

Fun Fact: I can sense auras and essences. I’m sensitive to energies. Also important to know: In my experience, the essence and/or aura of a person or place can change from one day to another: however, this is rare. Most aura’s are consistent.

These kinds of self-proclamations are usually useless and dubbed as “crazy […]