Blog 2: Citizenship in Morocco – Kayla Smith

When I sat down this week with my host mom, Nisrine, to ask her what citizenship means to her, I didn’t anticipate the remarkable narrative that would become her views on life in Morocco. She and her husband have lived in Morocco their whole lives; they now live in Fes with their two children, […]

Citizenship- Michelle Rodriguez

The Alif center, where I study Moroccan Arabic, introduced me to my language partner named Tsukina, a young twenty-two-year-old who recently graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree. She is a very bubbly and energetic woman who enjoyed talking with me in spite of my broken Moroccan Arabic. Upon interviewing Tsukina and asking her view […]

Citizenship: An Interview with Amine Naini by Ahmed Salat

Amine Naini. Photo: 7/12/2018


As part of our Religion, Security and Global Citizenship in the Arab World class- one of the two classes I’m taking in Morocco this summer- we have been exploring what citizenship is and what it means to different people. Through our class discussion, we defined citizenship as the […]

Stillwater: Citizenship in Morocco – Noah Huffman

“I love Morocco! I wouldn’t change anything about it.” Aya looked at me, presumably waiting for another question about her country. She seemed eager to share with me her culture and ideas, but at that moment I was at a loss for words.

“Nothing?” I asked her, incredulously. “There isn’t anything you don’t like about […]

Bailey Carkenord Blog Post 2 – “Am I a good citizen?”

“May I interview you about citizenship?’

“Yes, yes of course,” Mohammed nods and adjusts his glasses as I reach into my bag for my laptop.

Mohammed is my language partner at the American Language Center in Fez. Outside of classes, he helps me review my darija in exchange for a chance to practice his English […]

Act II: Citizenship – Anna Cunningham


In class we often discuss the concept of citizenship and how it varies from country to country. ALIF, or the Arabic Language Institute of Fez, is the school where we are taking Moroccan Arabic. This school also teaches English, so we have the opportunity to interact with Moroccan students as well.

Meriam, […]

Citizenship in Morocco, by Maria Renteria

The theme of citizenship is constantly on our minds. As we grapple with this concept and discuss it, it’s easy to agree with those that surround us when it comes to these topics. People, by nature, tend to surround themselves with those that are similar to them. That’s why it’s important to have these […]

What Does it Mean to be a Citizen? – Harry Sanderson

A simple definition of citizenship might plainly reveal that a citizen is just someone who officially is a member of a nation-state. However, what does that entail? As a member of a nation, are you required to actively engage in national affairs? Or, more so, do you hold a moral responsibility to maintain active citizenship? […]