Comfort in Discomfort- Molly Mansfield

Stepping into the Casablanca airport two weeks ago, I wasn’t struck with any sort of magical, different-feeling feeling. Somehow, I had expected to be filled to the brim with some kind of sensation of Morocco, the intense feeling that I had entered into a place that was different than the one from which I came.


A House in Fez Review: By Maria Renteria

A House in Fez, by Suzanne Clark, takes the reader on a journey through the complexities of a foreigner’s life in Fez. Through the everyday highs and lows, the reader experiences a willingness to accept an adventure where many others would comfortably decline.

Clark and her husband embark on the mission to buy a house […]

A House in Fez Review – Anna Cunningham

A Courtyard in the Riad

A Review of A House in Fez by Suzanna Clark

Fez is one of the few remaining medieval cities in the world and predates “modern” urban centers like New York or Brisbane, Suzanna Clarke’s home city. Although no person or corporation, including Google, knows every street and back […]

A House in Fez Review – Alex Frumkin

Alexander Frumkin

01 July 2018

DAW 2018


“When we mentioned our fantasy of buying a traditional Arab-style riad, or courtyard house, in Fez to a friend, he said dismissively, ‘What a terribly nineteenth-century thing to do’.” (Clarke 7) I thought the author would refer to colonialism – the Scramble for Africa started in the […]

A Writer and A Riad: Book Review of A House in Fez – Kayla Smith

Far away is the luxury of running water, take-out Chinese, and pre-sliced mushrooms for Australian author, blogger, and part-time remodeler Suzanna Clarke when she embarks on her journey to buy and – with excruciating attention to detail – restore a riad in the medieval Medina of Fez, Morocco. Suzanna Clarke’s A House in Fez focuses […]

A House in Fez Review- Molly Mansfield

A House in Fez documents Australian writer and photographer Suzanna Clarke’s experience restoring and renovating a newly purchased home, Riad Zany, in the ancient medina of Fez, Morocco. Throughout the months spent purchasing materials, hiring craftsmen, and overseeing both the riad’s major construction and intricate details, Clarke adjusts to life outside of the home. She […]

A House in Fez- Review Michelle Rodriguez

The tribulations of constructing of an idealistically traditional riad, although seemingly straightforward, gradually comes to confront modern and traditional Moroccan life within the work of Suzanna Clarke’s A House in Fez. Clarke’s narrative is imbedded with themes featuring a clash of fantasy and reality, traditional and modern, and exposure of the forthright Fazi culture. Filtered […]

A House in Fez – Bailey Carkenord

A House in Fez details Australian author and protagonist Suzanna Clarke’s efforts to restore a traditional riad, or house, in the old city of Fez in Morocco. Along the way, she encounters countless setbacks, from language barriers to lack of materials to uncooperative contractors. However, Clarke also forms numerous new friendships, and, by the end […]

A House in Fez Book Review – Harry Sanderson

Harry Sanderson

July 1st, 2018

DAW 2018

In A House in Fez, Suzanna Clarke successfully utilizes a unique perspective to identify the nature of Moroccan culture, emphasizing the importance of the history of Fez while also cleverly characterizing the people that live within the ancient city. So, Clarke does an excellent job in describing her […]

A House in Fez: Building A Life in the Ancient Heart of Morocco

Ahmed Salat

DAW 2018

Review of A House in Fez: Building A Life in the Ancient Heart of Morocco

1st July 2018

Suzanna Clarke’s A House in Fez: Building A Life in the Ancient Heart of Morocco is a great novel, rich in culture, that pretty much covers how great living in one of the […]

A House in Fez Review – Noah Huffman

When I told people that I would be spending six weeks studying abroad in Morocco, I was met with a gamut of responses. Many lauded the great food while some melted under the thought of the potentially excruciating summer heat. Others fretted over issues of safety and terrorism. Few failed to ask the most pressing […]

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