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Local Immigration Enforcement and Domestic Violence

Every third woman in the U.S. experiences violence from an intimate partner during her lifetime. Many never seek help. Immigrants, especially if undocumented, are less likely to seek help than non-immigrants. The increase in immigration enforcement through local police force may exacerbate this problem by increasing a victim’s fear of deportation. I estimate the effect of local immigration enforcement on domestic violence victims’ help-seeking behavior. I use a fixed effects model, a generalized synthetic control method and novel administrative data on the use of services for domestic violence victims in North Carolina. In North Carolina, a large fraction of individuals of Hispanic origin are either undocumented immigrants or are connected to undocumented immigrants. I use Hispanic origin as a proxy for immigration status, lack of documentation and connections to undocumented immigrants. Local immigration enforcement significantly reduces Hispanics’ service use. It does not affect service use by African Americans or Whites, two predominantly US-born groups. This suggests that the decrease in service use is directly related to immigration status and not driven by a general effect on minorities. Using intimate partner homicide as a measure of intimate partner violence, I explore if the reduction in service use reflects a reduction in intimate partner violence. I do not find any robust evidence that local immigration enforcement affects intimate partner homicides of Hispanic women.

Working papers:

Refugee Student Integration and Native Students’ Academic Performance: Evidence from Germany 

This study investigates the effect of integrating refugee students in elementary schools on the academic performance of native students. Using administrative data from Germany, I exploit the variation in refugee student presence and concentration within schools to account for endogenous sorting of refugees into schools. I find that refugee students go to schools where native students’ performance is lower. Exposure to refugee students significantly reduces mandatory grade retention of native fourth graders but has no effect on third graders. Effects on the percentage of students who receive a recommendation for the higher secondary track are very small and statistically insignificant.

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How Do Police Officers Respond to Immigration Enforcement? Evidence from 20 Million Traffic Stops

Immigration Enforcement, Workplace Complaints and Workplace Injuries, with Matthew Johnson

Work, Power and Well-Being within Families, with Marjorie McElroy

Selected publications:

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