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March 2021

Day 13

Worked as planned:

  • Did a grocery run
  • Tweaked the hula program
  • Read a few papers
  • Started creating tutorial #2 asking user for an answer

Day 12

Goals of the day:

  • Complete tutorial 1 scorekeeper
  • Do Nat’s texture tutorial
  • Read a few papers
  • Start tutorial 2


  • Completed tutorial 1!
    • Asking Nat to help check it.
    • Improved the tutorial and the game
  • Did Nat’s texture tutorial
  • Built a prototype for Hula Hula assessment (collision detection and randomness)

Day 11

Goals of the day:

  • Complete Nat’s tutorials
  • Read a few papers
  • Finish Tutorial #1 scorekeeper


  • Completed Nat’s tutorials
  • Read papers
  • Sent roommate confirmation emails
  • Kept on building Tutorial #1 scorekeeper

Day 10

Goals of the day

  • Finish the Mini Trivia Tutorial
  • Start building the PPT
  • Jot down a few lines of reflection for the lunch talk


  • Finished constructing the Mini Trivia
  • Lunch talk (by Prof. Vincent Conitzer) reflection
    • Form: Presentation was clear and captivating due to abundant use of diagrams and examples.
    • Content:
      • Very pertinent and interesting topic, also read:
        • Prof. Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence
        • Future of life institute
      • AI researches touch on psychology and philosophy, and employ economic theories
  • Fact-checked some maps and directions for the Alice workshop
  • Finished first half of Nat’s tutorial 1
  • Started developing a challenge (incomplete) version of the Mini Trivia; decided to develop a four-part series of tutorials focused on four useful topics, as demonstrated in the slides below!

 Tutorial #1 pp.1


Tutorial #1 pp.2


Tutorial #2 pp. 1

Tutorial #3 pp. 1

Tutorial #4 pp. 1

Day 9

Goals of the day:

  • Do workshop tutorials
    • Lights, Camera, Action! Part 2: Light √
    • Scene Changes using a Lens Cap
    • Changing Camera Views! √
    • Optional: Alice Pong, Space Man Sam: Grammar Mistakes, Treasure Hunt: A Click Adventure Game, Cooking Show
    • Before the workshop: Review shark attack and astronaut
  • Read papers
  • Update the webpage


  • Did some workshop tutorials
  • Discussed about progress
  • Started designing Alice 3 challenge part 2 – ask user for a string/number.
    • Discovered that the project got a bit messy so I’ll keep the “ask user for a string/number” part in a separate, topical tutorial.
    • Developing “Mini Trivia” Tutorial which covers three key topics: ask user for a string/number/boolean + scorekeeper + billboard