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June 2017

Week 6

Day 26: Took people to the Dive. Twas interesting. Would be awesome to integrate Alice into Dive.

Day 27: Presented my worlds. Twas fun.

Day 28: “Normal graduation song”.

Day 29: Start (continue…) working for the teachers

Week 5

Day 19: Workshop began!

Day 20: Lots of interesting talks in the Alice Symposium and bonding with colleagues.

Day 21: Presented Dragon v. Princess part 3. Lots of walking around and teaching. Twas fun.

Day 22: More tutorials. People making progress.

Day 23: So Jonathon gave a seventeen hour tutorial.

Day 24: We gave a tour. More tutorials.

Day 25: Presented BDE on while and when conditionals.

Day 18

Goals of the day:

  • Finish Jonathon’s assessment checks
  • Finalize tutorials created
  • Facsimile Alice 2 tutorial on checking for collisions (2 ways)
  • Prep for the workshop next week!


  • Learned about the logistics of the workshop
  • Signed up for
    • Princess Dragon Part 3
    • Lights Camera Action Part 3 BDE
  • Finished creating the checking for collisions game; tutorial forthcoming

Day 17

Goals of the day:

  • Read papers
  • Jot down a few lines of reflection from the lunch talk
  • Finish tutorial #4
  • Self-check all tutorials and assessments


  • Reflections from the lunch talk (by a Facebook alum): You never really know until you experiment. There’s often surprise.
  • Finalizing tutorial #4
  • Checking four of Jonathon’s assessments
  • I want to create a new game…

Day 16

On ne sait jamais! – le petit prince

Goals of the day:

  • Design Tutorial #3 Making billboard out of PPT page
  • Jot down a few lines of reflection from the lunch talk
  • Start designing Tutorial #4 Multi-layered object clicking


  • Tweaked some parts of the previous tutorials created
  • Finalized Tutorial #3
  • Lunch talk (by Bing Xie) reflection
    • Presentation of work can be as important as doing the work.
    • Target audience should be heeded.
  • Checked Nat’s challenge
  • Started Tutorial #4

Day 15

Goals of the day:

  • Read a few papers
  • Finalize Ostrich “Ask User” Assessment
  • Design Mini Trivia series Tutorial #2


  • Finalized “Ask User” Assessment
  • Checked Jonathon’s tutorial and assessment
  • Finished Mini Trivia series “Ask User” Tutorial #2

Day 14*

*Sick leave; working remotely

Goals of the day:

  • Finish tutorial #2
  • Read a few papers


  • Updated Beginner’s Workshop rooming form
  • Finished creating the Assessment (program & PPT)!
    • “Ask User for an Answer” Ostrich Neck Massage
    • Main concepts assessed: Use procedures of objects, do together & do in order, ask user for an integer, and add a new event listener for a specific letter.
    • Will ask a colleague to double check

Day 13

Worked as planned:

  • Did a grocery run
  • Tweaked the hula program
  • Read a few papers
  • Started creating tutorial #2 asking user for an answer

Day 12

Goals of the day:

  • Complete tutorial 1 scorekeeper
  • Do Nat’s texture tutorial
  • Read a few papers
  • Start tutorial 2


  • Completed tutorial 1!
    • Asking Nat to help check it.
    • Improved the tutorial and the game
  • Did Nat’s texture tutorial
  • Built a prototype for Hula Hula assessment (collision detection and randomness)

Day 11

Goals of the day:

  • Complete Nat’s tutorials
  • Read a few papers
  • Finish Tutorial #1 scorekeeper


  • Completed Nat’s tutorials
  • Read papers
  • Sent roommate confirmation emails
  • Kept on building Tutorial #1 scorekeeper