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May 2017


…Il faut des rites…

Qu’est-ce qu’un rite?

C’est aussi quelque chose de trop oublié.

– un renard et le petit prince

This page records the Alice project ideas that came to me. I will develop several programs based on them, and would be honored if they inspire you in any way. ✨

  • Animation/Topical tutorials:
    1. smoothie stand
  • School projects:
    1. hit the rat / make that ice cream ft. foreign language vocabulary learning
    2. lie detector ft. multiplication table memorization ft. inequality
    3. colors/shapes in foreign language ft. reaction time game in a simplified Duolingo
    4. Make it 24!; classical math game to use all four numbers given and any or all of + – × / to result in 24; beat the clock for extra challenge
  • Challenges:
    1. British/Portuguese writers’ story (inspired by Love Actually)
    2. Fending against zombies by strategizing the use of plants through their respective power and quantity (inspired by Plants v. Zombies game and Night of the Living Dead)
    3. Fantastic Beasts and They are in Alice’s Suitcase (inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them); could have multiple levels like the Harry Potter Math Challenge
    4. Duke of Spades’ Dorm for Gothic Teens; could have multiple rooms in which the teens do funny things/experiments

*Somewhere in any game, one could include a “Mouth of Truth” (inspired by Roman Holiday) which closes at probability-determined speed and timing; stay longer for higher scores but don’t lose your hand.

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